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Hoboken Terminal & Rail Yard Redevelopment
The Hoboken Terminal & Rail Yard Redevelopment will transform Observer Highway and Hudson Place into a vibrant, transit-oriented community promoting Hoboken's future, while honoring the City's history.

Transit-oriented development is the future of growth in New Jersey. As a major transportation hub currently for residents with a wide range of options including NJ Transit Rail, PATH and ferry service, Hoboken is primed to take advantage of growth opportunities. This mixed-use development will combine historic preservation with modern office, retail and residential space plus over $100 million in essential improvements to public transportation and city infrastructure. Highlights of the plan include:

Community Benefits and Improvements

Economic Benefits

Download NJ TRANSIT and LCOR's proposed redevelopment plan

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Images shown are artistic illustrations of aspects of NJ Transit & LCOR’s 2.94 million SF redevelopment plan. These are not final plans and subject to change due to feedback, structural requirements or other improvements.