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Hoboken Terminal & Rail Yard Redevelopment

Thanks for your support. We are very excited about this upcoming development and are happy you feel so as well.

NJ TRANSIT and LCOR's redevelopment plan enhances the City's draft plan by creating a well-balanced project that funds needed upgrades to the City's public transportation, infrastructure and open space without any cost to taxpayers. 

Under the proposed NJ TRANSIT and LCOR redevelopment plan, private development pays for public improvements including:

  • Transformation of Hudson Place and Warrington Plaza into a safe pedestrian/ bicycle friendly plaza.
  • Revamp of Observer Highway into a grand boulevard that eases traffic congestion and is welcoming for pedestrians and bicyclists.
  • Creation of nearly 5 acres of open space and parks.
  • A new fully enclosed bus terminal and improved PATH entrance.

This development will further benefit the community by creating permanent jobs, adding affordable housing and providing significant annual tax revenue for the city.

Make your voice heard. Your mayor and city council need to know you support this development. Use our form below and this will automatically be sent to your mayor.

Dear Mayor Zimmer and Hoboken City Council,
The future of Hoboken is important to me and I believe that the NJ TRANSIT / LCOR Redevelopment Plan will enhance the southern entrance to our beautiful city while preserving the character of Hoboken's historic core. I recently learned that the development will generate the funds required for many critical public transportation and infrastructure improvements that are included in the Redevelopment Plan at no cost to the City. As such, the plan is an opportunity to privately finance infrastructure and solutions that can protect the community from future weather-related damage.

I believe that the entire Hoboken community has much to gain with this redevelopment plan and I encourage the City to embrace this opportunity and to work collaboratively with NJ TRANSIT and LCOR to make it a reality. 

Yes, add me to your mailing list. I'd like to continue learning more about the campaign to support NJ TRANSIT/LCOR's plan!